We've Over Complicated it.

We tend to over complicate things. When we look at each individual situation and circumstance up close, it looks so complex and complicated. It's stressful. It's the end of the world. It's a slight decrease in our income. However, the farther we step back and look at our lives from a perspective that is higher and more disassociated with the current situation, the cosmic humor gets higher and higher.

We realize how simple everything is. We realize that we just need to smile and live. We need to remind ourselves of this often because we have a really easy time forgetting. Thus, we tend to over-think and complicate life. 

Just live, experience, be happy. 

There is a fine Italian saying that roughly translates to, “Everything in moderation, especially moderation.”

What I'm trying to say with this is:

When it comes to life, just live the damn thing. It's simple. 

Stop making so many rules for yourself and for others. Live and let live! I mean, definitely try your hardest not to harm others, but don't be so strict that you can't enjoy the life that has blessed you with so many opportunities.

The best way to live life is to live it in as many different ways as you can; to live in as many different worlds and realities that can possibly exist to you. So, it's something to experience; it's another way to view life and a new type of reality to step into.

Spending time debating, “Hmmm, but should I do that? Is it bad?” about something you truly want to do and have experienced is to dishonor the gift of life you've been given. Life wants you to be crazy! Try all of the things!

If you are going to live life, never just do it 42%. With whatever you do, do it the full 100%. You only get to live once; do it with all of your being.  If you are going to give, give like you mean it. If you are going to adventure, adventure like you mean it. Do everything intentionally and unapologetically. Life is too short to be apologetic about how you are living it.

Let go of your tight grip on control and over complicating things. Take a step back, observe as the cosmic humor gets greater and greater, and laugh.